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The Power Of A Coach

Embarking on a journey of personal and professional triumph often requires more than sheer willpower; it necessitates the guidance, wisdom, and encouragement of a seasoned coach. This truth is vividly illustrated by the stories of historic and modern luminaries alike, from Steve Jobs, who was profoundly influenced by Robert Friedland, to Warren Buffett, shaped by Benjamin Graham’s investment philosophy, to Mark Zuckerberg, who received invaluable advice from Steve Jobs. Each narrative powerfully underscores the transformative impact a coach can have on an individual’s life and legacy.

Integrated Happiness and Lifestyle Coach

Enter the realm of Todd Allyn, The Integrated Lifestyle and Happiness Coach, a beacon for those seeking not just success, but fulfillment and joy in their lives. Todd Allyn stands as the architect of potential, the catalyst for transformation, much like Aristotle to Alexander the Great, expanding horizons and challenging perceived limitations. In the role of a transformational lifestyle and happiness coach, Todd Allyn embodies the essence of mentorship in today’s world, offering guidance and support tailored to your unique journey towards happiness, fulfillment, and success.

How I Help My Customers


Lifestyle coaching with Professor Econ focuses on aligning your daily habits and routines with your values and goals, fostering a more fulfilling and purposeful way of living.


Explore the world with a sense of purpose and adventure through Professor Econ’s travel coaching, where you’ll learn to create meaningful travel experiences that enrich your life and broaden your perspective.


From budgeting and saving strategies to investment planning and debt management, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools needed to build a secure financial future and live a life of abundance.


Cultivate authentic relationships through Professor Econ’s coaching, where you’ll learn to communicate openly, listen empathetically, and foster genuine connections built on trust and mutual understanding.

Professor Econ- Your Guide On This Journey To Happiness and Lifestyle

I’m Todd, aka Professor Econ, your partner on the journey to financial freedom, lifestyle elevation, and genuine happiness. With 23 years of experience, I’ve made it my mission to guide women through transformative experiences that go beyond monetary gains. My personal journey and passion for empowering others have led me to specialize in high-performance living, leveraging a mindset that sets the stage for prosperity.

Transformation Services

Todd is a fantastic life coach. Working with her changed my life, and my mindset towards curve balls life throws onto our path. I highly recommend her, and wish I had met her 10 years ago!
Thank you Toddfor being such a transformational life coach for me. Through your work, I have transformed on so many levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are a true guru on the subject and I recommend you without hesitation.
Todd life coaching services are a true blessing. Her insights, empathy and guidance helped me explore new areas in my life, and identify and overcome destructive patterns of thinking. I thought I was in a dead-end but because of her support and my breakthrough moments - my life has completely transformed for the better.

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