God wants you prosperous!



When someone discovers and begins to strive for their life’s purpose, their life takes on a new meaning, and they feel a sense of fulfillment. Self-reflection depends on one’s ability to remain focused when pursuing one’s goals, as well as on one’s ability to work with sobriety, tenacity, and speed.

Our beliefs and values are derived from sources other than ourselves. They synthesize our teachers, mentors, leaders, culture, surroundings, and other sources. Every action and reaction is a learned behavior. The old edition was, in many respects, perfect. Even if there were brief flashes of insight, the overriding theme was one of saving, deferred satisfaction, and the same old financial establishment pumping up ideas.

Readers will gain greater insight and unbiased understanding. The great thing about this, is that once you see it, you can never un see it!


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